We offer more than just rental housing.
We don’t build barriers, we build walls that transform space into a beautiful living environment.
These spaces bring people together, they’re adaptable to suit anyone of any creed, age or lifestyle.
These walls shape a community with shared values and a shared approach to living and being.
These walls provide a safe space but they also bridge the divides for a community that celebrates and supports each individual.
For us, wellbeing begins with ‘we’, not I”.


Mellem. Living together differently.


A new living environment in Montreal from spring 2024.

We are pleased to announce the development of a new Mellem of approximately 216 rental units in the heart of the Centre-Sud district of the Ville-Marie borough in Montreal. Designed in collaboration with the architecture firm ADHOC, this project will be relying on a distinctive concept based on Montreal’s DNA, while remaining faithful to the values of Mellem which promote a strong community spirit.

190 units near the Ottawa River starting in summer 2024.

A new Mellem living environment will take place in the Manoir-des-Trembles-Val-Tétreau neighborhood in Gatineau, starting in the summer of 2024. Currently in ideation and design with the architectural firm ACDF, this project of about 190 units will be strongly fueled by the intrinsic values that nurture community, including sustainable development, well-being, respect and cohabitation.

A living environment that evolves along with you.

Our living spaces adapt to your needs, offering an environment that follows your movements and interests. For us, building bridges between communities and the individual requires a service that feels deeply human, provides a communication platform, the reassuring presence of a resident caretaker, convenience store, amenities, services and entertainment are just a few examples supporting the Mellem community.

A positive impact generated by the community for the community.

We’re here to help residents reduce their ecological footprint. We want to facilitate the small daily gestures that make a difference. An energy efficient building and equipment, composting and recycling facilities, urban agriculture, easy local shopping, accessibility to public transport, goods and electricity are just a few examples of possible actions in Mellem.

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