Since wellness is all about the good of the whole, we put the "we" before the "me".

We offer more than just rental accommodations.

The walls we build are not barriers but bridges to facilitate harmonious living.

They transform a place into an environment that’s truly alive.

A space that brings people together, that adapts to everyone’s preferences, regardless of age or lifestyle.

To form a community that supports all ways of living and being.

Thus connecting community, the individual, and the environment.


we are

Mellem, a rental complex developed by Maître Carré, is above all, a living space that adapts to the needs of its tenants. We make room for every generation and make it easier to live together, Maître Carré’s team of experts conceptualized living spaces that respect the many different rhythms of life and offer tranquility even in a large urban center. Our promise: living differently together.

What we do

Mellem is much more than a brand, it’s a philosophy. The philosophy is supported by three pillars: the community, the individual, and the local ecosystem. The interior and exterior layouts have been subjected to extensive in-depth analysis in an effort to accommodate the diversity of activities, and to maximize the opportunity for harmonious interactions within thecommunity.

Our values

Mellem residents share similar values, a common vision of society and how to live fulfilling lives together. In doing so, they recognize that it is possible to live together in a fresh new way. Here, the impossible is possible when it comes to lifestyle and rental housing.

By choosing to live at Mellem, you recognize its democratic values and philosophy of offering living spaces that adapt to the needs of its tenants regardless of age group or lifestyle.

We have created spaces that allow us to respect everyone’s pace of life, supporting quality moments of tranquility, even near a major urban center. Its inhabitants thus become the guardians of this tranquility and this unique way of living together.

Together we support a lifestyle that is fuelled by the intrinsic values that nurture community, including sustainable development, well-being, respect and cohabitation. We promote the creation of a community driven by the residents themselves, and reward them with the services and amenities that Mellem has to offer.