A living environment where beauty is a way of life.

Designed by the architectural firm ACDF, the building of the first Mellem integrates the principles of biophilic design to stay connected with nature and its health benefits. From urban agriculture in shared spaces, to the optimization of natural light through the precise angles of the building, to desirable acoustics; not to mention the abundant presence of wood and greenery. The design and architecture are engineered to promote the well-being of the community.

A living environment that evolves with you.

The first Mellem has been adapted to the new realities of city dwellers, which is in the midst of a transformation, notably with the enhancement of quality of life, well-being, aspirations for a responsible and healthy lifestyle, in addition to encouraging responsible consumption, supporting local business, and more.

Mellem communication platform to keep abreast of news from the community

Safe environment, thanks to the reassuring and convenient presence of a resident concierge

Local shops accessible from the ground floor, encouraging support of local business

A building managed by an on-site service team

Amenities to support an active lifestyle

Personalized support and concierge services

Buildings and equipment promoting energy performance

Composting and recycling facilities

Urban agriculture and generous green spaces

Buying local, thanks to local shops on the ground floor

Support for remote work

Accessibility to public transportation, electric charging stations or car sharing

A living environment where the strength of numbers creates a positive impact.

We are here to inspire residents to reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, we want them to feel that everything around them is working to facilitate these small everyday gestures that make a difference. Buildings and equipment that promote energy performance, composting and recycling facilities, urban agriculture, easy local purchasing, accessibility to public, active and electric transportation are just a few examples of the things that can be done in Mellem.

The central pillar of Mellem is community. It is through people and the strength of numbers that authentic, healthy and sustainable living environments are created. We therefore see each Mellem project as an interface that allows for multiple interactions between the individuals of a community.

Supporting pillars such as architecture, services, sustainable development, are articulated differently for each new Mellem, but they are always designed to support the community and contribute to the well-being of all.