Adopt the
MELLEM lifestyle.

Your living environment has a major impact on your daily life. So why not adopt a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your future neighbours at MELLEM. Imagine yourself with your hands working in the soil of your communal vegetable garden or making convenient local purchases at the ground-floor store. Enjoying a picnic in the sunny courtyard or relaxing comfortably on the bus between home and downtown just before doing a few laps in the indoor pool.

You dream of living better and an increased sense of wellbeing, and that’s exactly what we offer.


The interior and exterior layouts are designed to maximize private spaces while also allowing for a diversity of activities and versatile spaces.

The first Mellem takes root in a peaceful, vibrant and safe neighbourhood of Brossard, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. It’s a rental project offering 254 units, divided into studios and apartments of 2- and 3- bedrooms, which are available now.

Connecting communities with their natural environment.

I needed to reconnect with myself and the natural world around me.

Life in a Mellem revolves around the idea that the strength of numbers benefits everyone, through access to thoughtful spaces and a range of activities.

We offer more than just rental housing.

The walls we build enable harmonious living.

MELLEM. Live together differently.